The hand-spinner phenomenon

The hand-spinner phenomenon

According to the American press, 7% of humanity will have its hand-spinner. You talk about the “hand-spinner” madness: literally the “hand towel” that invades playgrounds around the world. And who has reported nothing to his inventor!

It is a small three-spinned top made by a 62-year-old American from Florida in the 90’s to distract her 7-year-old daughter who suffers from muscle disorder. She files a patent, trying to convince large toy brand to market “spinning toy”. In vain, she gave up in 2005 and ended up giving up the patent in 2005. “I simply did not have the money,” she says, with a renewal fee of $ 400.

The hand-spinner phenomenon image

The hand-spinner phenomenon image

And this top will become a planetary success!

We went to sell 500 million in the world, according to the American press. 7% humanity will have its hand-spinner! Out of stock everywhere. Rush in China to provide the planet.

Since there is no patent. Everyone can make them. This is why it has a great diversity and that this toy can take all forms. The Hand-Spinner is sold a few euros, so it is affordable.

The Guardian contacted the creator of the toy: “Several people told me:” You have to be angry! “But I’m glad that something I’ve invented really works for people.

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