The hand spinner, the top that turns to madness

The hand spinner, the top that turns to madness

This finger-top makes a misfortune among the 7-18 years old. She invaded the schoolyards. In stores, it’s quickly stock-out, making crazy kids … and parents. But why ?
If you have children, you have heard about it in recent days. The hand spinner pulls out. Not expensive (between 3,90 € and 15 € depending on the model) and compact, this spinning top with three branches, which can be turned on his fingers, would have miraculous virtues. It would channel stress.
Created by a mother, Catherine Hettinger, in 1997, this toy attracted parents of autistic or hyperactive children last year. It would help to focus their attention. For a few days now, it’s the star of the recreational classes!
The video seen 2.9 million times
A real phenomenon. On Youtube, the video “the most satisfying object in the world” has been seen 2.9millions of times! In stores, it is quickly out of stock. Parents find themselves going around the supermarkets to find them. On Saturday, Pierre went to Leclerc de Larmor with his son Félix, 13 years old. “The shelves were robbed. There was nothing left but hand-spinners pink candy … “. Same hunt for Sophie on Wednesday. “The children only talk about that! The German correspondent of my 13 year old son wanted at all costs to bring back to his brother and sister. At Leclerc de Larmor they were robbed. We got to Lanester when it was gone. ”

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The hand spinner, the top that turns to madness image 

Wednesday afternoon, at Fnac, the 50 hand spinners available left in one hour. At Leclerc in Lanester, 600 tops left in just two hours, with a long queue. And even tears, for a little girl who came too late. Word-of-mouth, via social networks in particular, had made its way … “And all day long, we get calls from people who are looking for,” reports Éric Inizan, head of the toy-bazaar department at Leclerc Of Lanester.
The madness really started last week. “I began to realize this Thursday-Friday,” says Frederic, a salesman. They were self-service in bins at the entrance to the store. There were a lot of people around. Today, these tops are sold in stores, in the photo department. “There were robberies. ”
At the shop, parade college students, parents, grandparents … “We must be responsive and insist on suppliers to have them,” testifies Éric Inizan. On the phone, we forge to be delivered among the first. Our store is turning and we are committed to big volumes. Last week, sales were in thousands. 1,700 pieces arrived yesterday at 2:30 pm “By tomorrow night there will be no more …”
Why all this circus around a top? Frédéric, salesman at the Leclerc of Lanester, is not convinced. “It’s a craze for something unnecessary. Nevertheless, he agrees, “it remains affordable, the price is adapted to the budget of the children”.
We asked two college women buyers. “In Henri-Wallon, almost everyone has it. We tried, we liked it. We like to make it turn, there are several colors, we can make figures, it can help to concentrate … “Behind, a mom, happy. “I’ve been looking for a week! My kids want it because their buddies have it. And it’s distressing! ”
This phenomenon resembles that of elastic bracelets or Beyblade tops. How long will fashion last? She should not spend the summer … “It’s a playground game. Once the school is over, it should slow down. If the grown-ups do not do it … “The adults unpack the toy as dry. It’s not necessarily for their children, “smiled a salesman at Fnac.

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