The Hand spinner turns into the playground

The Hand spinner turns into the playground

What is the use of the “hand spinner”, this little fingerboard of a new kind? Gaspard answers without hesitation: “to de-stress”. Simon: “to make figures”. As for Lorenzo, he finds that it serves “nothing”, which does not prevent it from borrowing those of the buddies.
The interest of the hand spinner or “fidget (1)” spinner may seem limited to the eyes of neophytes but it is clear that it allures young people. For the last few weeks, the object has been a rage in recreational classes, both in primary school and in college.
Three-spindle spindle with ball bearings, the hand spinner turns between the fingers, almost without noise. “In front of the light, there is a very spectacular stroboscopic effect”, report Gaspard and Simon, become followers.

Created in 1997 by an American, Catherine Hettinger, to play with her daughter, the top did not meet with success at the time and even ended up forgotten. It took twenty years and the Internet for the object to experience a dazzling rise. In a few months a real phenomenon is heating up in the United States, the spinner landed today in France, where it is already out of stock in many stores.
More than just a toy, the spinner would also be of therapeutic value for children with autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to American psychologists. A benefit confirmed by Christine Gétin, president of the association ADHD France: “Objects to be fiddled, to triturate, facilitate concentration in hyperactive children and soothe autistics at the time of the crises,” she explains.

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In our opinion
Sometimes fascinating and simple to handle, this top is as discreet as cheap (from two euros). Two assets that contribute to its popularity. The craze for the hand spinner also owes much to YouTube, where the videos on the subject have become viral. An anti-stress object for some, this top can also cause young people to take an interest in gyroscopic phenomena and encourage them to make their own tops using online tutorials. The use of hand spinner should nevertheless be limited to the home or the playground. In France as in the United States, some schools have already banned it because it distracts students in class and make students unable to focus on studying.

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